Easy waterer! (dirt & poop free)


8 Years
Mar 6, 2014
Lehigh Valley, PA
Some of our family members are joining the world of backyard chickening, so my son made some instructional videos for them. We've had chickens for 5 years, and our setup is pretty much just as we like it... minimal maintenance!! We add a birdbath heater to the waterer in the winter to prevent the water from freezing.

Figured I'd share his videos with this community, why keep them to ourselves! I'd give credit to the people who's videos or forum posts I used to influence how we constructed our coop, but I have no clue who to thank. There is also a DIY feeder video as well as a Chicken coop 101 video. Check them out!

Hope the videos help.

DIY Chicken Waterer

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