Eatin eggs and no nest laying

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    Apr 22, 2009
    Once a hen eats one of her eggs will this become a habit? We came back to our girls today and several eggs were missing. I then saw a bit of egg yolk being eaten by one of the girls and I was like AGH!

    This may also be an issue since the girls arent laying their eggs in the nest... why is that!

    Can some one remind me why we love our chickens [​IMG]

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    Are your new to laying? Sometimes new layers don't get the nest box thing right off. Have you tried adding a dummy egg? Mine prefer pine straw over anything else. Egg eating can become a habit. If the eggs are thin shelled, they may break open easy. Also, if they are laying in the areas that are more traveled, then they might brake them open by stepping on them. Do they get enough calcium? If they are just eating the insides there are either lacking something else or starting a habit. If they are eating all of the shell, they might need more calcium. I have noticed that my laying hens prefer the shells over the insides of boiled eggs or a egg does get broke. What breed(s) are they? I've noticed in mine that the production breeds need more calcium than the duel purpose and the fancier breeds.

    Oh... And we love them for all those fluffy butts. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:I have all different kinds! I think there may have been some stress since we got rid of two roosters and a hen, got two new babies and two new hens. I am going to get another nest today to see if that helps. The one that is laying around the coop is the sister to the hen that we got rid of. I think that she was protective of her nest for some reason and that caused her sister to go and lay eggs elsewhere... now she is just a bad influence [​IMG]. I need to get a dummy egg too.

    They have oystershells in their feed, but they hate it... I think they need some other kind of calcium but i will need to figure out what.
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    I can only tell you what I do. I keep a wooden egg in each nest box. (I expect they think all eggs are wood so it hurts to peck those.) I have nest boxes that are only small enough for her to get in and lay the egg. No dancing room. I keep only hay in the nest boxes. No where else. Nest boxes should be dark and private. No room for company. No communal or open top nest boxes. Sure they look cute but they also invite trouble.

    If you see a hen looking like she's laying , pick her up and move her to the nest box. If the offending hen does it again you might want to cull her.

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