Eating Chicken Eggs after Girls have been treated with Corid.

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    Hello Everyone and Good Evening,

    I recently lost one of my girls. I believe it was to a parasite so for my remaining 2 ladies I am giving them a preventative dose of Corid. I have followed the appropriate steps and have put some in there 5 gallon heated water container:/. It will take them about a week to drink a good portion of it. Can I eat the eggs when the chickens are drinking the water with Corid in it and if not how long should I wait after the dosage is over to eat the eggs again. Any feedback would be awesome!:/
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    I do not have time to look right now but I was thinking corid should be mixed fresh daily-----you do not want to waste the medicine so only mix what they will drink in a day. You should be able to google how long you have to hold the eggs if its not on the pack.
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    corid has no withdrawal period for eggs.

    As an fyi, it's only effective against cocci. If that's not what killed your bird, it's not going to help your others.
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