Eating duck eggs because of chicken egg allergies

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by savingdogs, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. I found I'm allergic to my wonderful fresh chicken eggs!

    However I heard somewhere that duck eggs would be I have ducks now and awaiting my first eggs.

    Is there anyone else out there allergic to chicken eggs eating duck eggs?
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    May 7, 2009
    if the chickens are fed wheat or soy in their feed that may be what you are actually allergic too [​IMG]
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    Aug 4, 2010
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    Quote:I agree, that's entirely possible, especially if you're extra sensitive to those ingredients. If that's the case, then make sure you don't feed your ducks any of those ingredients.
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    Jul 30, 2009
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    I'm not allergic to eggs of any sort, but I do know from the experience of friends and research that the proteins most people are allergic to in eggs are different between chicken eggs and duck eggs. Sometimes, people find out the difference when they switch from chicken eggs to duck and find out that they *are* allergic to duck eggs. But the converse is true also, that people who are allergic to chicken eggs can sometimes safely eat duck eggs.

    If your allergy is severe, make sure you do a spot test with the eggs before actually consuming them. If it's just a matter of feeling sick, etc., then go ahead and try one, and then report back here--I'm very interested to hear more evidence one way or another.

    And since you can control their input, if you think it might be wheat or soy or anything else in their feed, then if you have a reaction you could try tinkering with their food until you are able to eat the eggs.

    Of course, besides the proteins that are different, duck & chicken eggs share many things in common, so it is also possible that you may be allergic to both, which would be a shame. Here's hoping this works out great for you! And if not... at least ducks are cute and fun. [​IMG]
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    Jun 5, 2010
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    I also had a friend who was allergic to chicken eggs but could eat duck eggs. She was my main customer and she simply loved my duck eggs. Interestingly enough, however, part of my family is fine with chicken eggs but allergic to duck eggs! [​IMG] So it can definitely go both ways.
  6. Well I miss eggs and especially when I am constantly handling and collecting them!

    Those of you who mentioned other allergies, yes, I am allergic to wheat. However I have multiple allergies and my doctors say I should not try to avoid wheat because my allergy response is low to that, and I already consume wheat daily and have such a limited diet left with all my restrictions. However, when I have more than one whole egg, I get vertigo attacks! Really yucky. I can seem to tolerate the amount of egg that is used in cooking and baking, I just cannot consume omelettes, cooked eggs by themselves, etc. or anything where I eat more than one egg.

    I am feeding the poultry Layena and they do a good bit of free ranging, also they get black sunflower seeds. No one else in the family has an egg allergy, but I did not have this allergy until I was about 40.

    I am expecting my first duck eggs soon and I will report back. I was just going to try eating an omelette or other dish I've been craving, but it is probably a better idea to do a spot test. Just how exactly would I do that, short of asking my doctor to test me like they did for my other allergies? I'm no longer seeing the allergist. Iamcuriosity cat, you seem to be the most informed on this subject, do you know?
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    My husband has allergies to. The easiest way to test is to beat up an egg and put a drop onto your fore arm. Wait 5 minutes and check for itching, redness or blisters. Nothing there proceed to the next step. Another drop on another location of the fore arm, but this time take a needle and slightly scratch the surface of your skin. You don't want to bleed, but you want to get under the epidermis. Wait 5 minutes and check again. No symptoms at all do a small taste test by cooking the egg and take only a small bite and wait for at least 30 minutes. You can take an antihistamine prior if you worry, because it may reduce the symptoms, yet it may prevent any symptoms. If you don't get the symptoms you get from chicken eggs then most likely you are fine. Take the duck egg to your allergy specialist, if you are not comfortable testing yourself in the house. They can do the skin test under supervision and they do have medications on hand if you react badly. In general you should be fine doing the skin test, if you proceed as I have described above. BTW allergy shots work really well. My husband had to get them, because he was getting very bad with grasses and some other items. Prescription allergy pills were no longer working for him. The shots are wonderful. No more pills, only if he cuts grass, but that is it. We are lucky our insurance covers 90% of it, so it is worse while doing it.
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    May 20, 2008
    Quote:I can relate to you in regards to very limited diet. For my health I cannot eat any soy products or those that contain any sort of corn or corn product. Try reading labels and eliminating those two things - takes away about 75% of the commercially processed foods at the grocery store. No chocolate, no bakery items, no convenience or fast foods, even some sour creams and yogurts that you might think are 'plain', the list is endless. Eating out is a real challenge and sometimes I just have to cheat a little and suffer later. I cannot imagine if I was allergic to eggs too!!! Sounds like your body is just not able to process something in the whole egg, an intolerance, whereas in baked goods it is diluted enough that your body can process it ok - at least where you don't really feel the effects as strongly. I hope the duck eggs will work for you!! [​IMG]
  9. Yea, I need to avoid too much sodium (stay under 2000 daily) so that eliminates a lot of things and can't have caffeine at all. I cheat a little and have decaf now and then. It actually still has caffeine though and I am not supposed to have chocolate or alcohol either, but I sometimes have chocolate (what is life without it?). I'm allergic to cane sugar and wheat but my allergist said to just accept those two will always be present in my diet and not even try to avoid them, just don't eat any to excess at any time, the allergy is low-level. I also can't have too much processed meats like bacon, lunchmeat or hot dogs and sage. No MSG either and not too much baking soda in anything.
    But I'm also allergic to trees, grass, mold, dust, pollen, certain animals (including all the types I have) and of course eggs. Recently I've been getting symptoms of IBS as well and have had to cut out beans, brocoli, or anything likely to make one gassy. That was a huge new group of foods taken away.
    It is hard to eat away from home so I usually bring my lunch. I make a lot of soup because anything else is just so expensive. And for some reason I can tolerate some things like beans if they are cooked a long time.

    I did allergy shots for five years. I was a pincushion forever it feels like. It did not seem to have much effect on my allergies. Many of them actually worsened while I was doing the injections. The worst day happened when in the ER because of kidney stones, the doctor thought I was a junkie because of all the injection bruises from my allergy injections. I had to angrily whip out the card to my ENT doctor and allergist to convince her I wasn't screaming for pain medication because of some addiction instead of because of intense pain. I didn't do any more allergy injections after that day. My allergist was a great teacher and I'm glad I got to know her and learn from her but I am kind of done with that now.
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    Oct 2, 2008
    I am mildly allergic to chicken eggs. I have no trouble eating duck or quail eggs.

    As for eating wheat with allergies...even if your allergy is mild, eating it on a daily basis is DUMB!!!! It still DOES DAMAGE. When you are older all that cumulative damage leads to fun stuff like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, IBS, Crohn's disease, etc...

    If you still want to use grains, there are ancient wheat strains that do not react the same way in a person's body than newer grains.

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