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Dec 15, 2008
I am curious what the differences are between duck eggs vs. chicken eggs? (nutrition, taste, etc) And also are duck eggs better for certain recipes?
Thanks for any duck egg info you can give me!
The yolks are bigger and they taste richer than chicken eggs. I scramble and hard boil them and use them to make quiche and omelets. Yummmm
I personally can't tell a difference between the two when it comes to taste. My husband thinks they are richer and have more flavor than chicken eggs.

They do look and feel different than chicken eggs. The shells are more opaque than chicken eggs, and are harder to crack. The eggs I get from my Cayuga feel like they have a waxy coating on them. When you crack them open, they smell a bit different than chicken eggs.

Duck eggs are the best for baking. They make things lighter and fluffier. Belgian waffles made with duck eggs are fabulous, as are chocolate chip cookies.

Duck eggs have a bit more fat and cholesterol than chicken eggs.
Right now I'm more likely to use duck eggs than chicken eggs if I eat them due to a surplus of duck eggs and a demand for chicken eggs which I sell as "farm gate produce".
I'm about to offer duck eggs for sale on a community group. Because of silly regulations I'll suggest they can be used as pet food or ... This is a farming community and I expect many folks will choose "or" and buy them to eat, but I'm selling them as pet food. Yes, I am. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
all we eat are ducks eggs now! i think they tast the same a FRESH chicken eggs not store bought! the shell is harder to crack and i have a harder time getting the yoke and whites to blend together for scrambled eggs but boy they are a treat!
now i really wanna try gooses eggs

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