Eating Duck Eggs


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Mar 3, 2009
Ok so my Pekins have started laying and I wanted to try some of their eggs last night.. I decided to make homemade noodles but when I cracked open the eggs I noticed a few things..
1. The shell is very hard to break..
2. The membrane inside the shell is super tough..
3. The whites are very Slimy. Like after I put the egg in the bowl I had a LONG string of slimy whites from the bowl to the shell....

Are these normal ? Maybe did my eggs freeze before I got to them??.. I didnt end up eating them as I grabbed the bread flour on accident
Bread flour and eggs do not noodles make.. But i will try again tonight as I am getting 1-2 eggs a day..

While I got you all on here.. How long to hardboil them for .. I would love to make my 8 yr old some Deviled Duck Eggs .. He would Freak out when he saw how big they were
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i find them that way as well. Now for stringing white??????

I like to bake with mine...................

They also make great dippy eggs.........yummy!
The whites are normally more concentrated in duck eggs. If you are going to be mixing them and the thickness freaks you out try adding 1/2 teaspoons of water for each egg used. Usually the yoke is more red or orange than chicken eggs is that a problem for your noodles? For Muscovy eggs (which are larger than Jumbo chicken eggs) I add 2 Minutes I have no ideal how large Pekin eggs are.... Just like chicken eggs you will get that green ring effect if you over cook them, and Fresh eggs are much harder to peel than older eggs. Duck eggs seem to age slower.
We eat lots of duck eggs, and now we don't like chicken eggs. Yours sound perfectly normal: the shells are harder and you have to break the membrane with your thumb to open it. I'm not sure how slimy is too slimy, but the whites are usually crystal clear in a fresh egg. I usually kinda' wrap the shell fragments around each other until that string breaks, then of course wipe my hands. We eat our eggs scrambled, fried, boiled, and baked in other dishes. They're great! I boil them just like chicken eggs: Start with cold water, then keep them in for 15 minutes after the boiling starts, then rinse them right away in cold water again.

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