eating eggs......:(

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    Jul 28, 2013
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    I just started with chickens this my girls!! they are 22 weeks
    I have 1 laying about 3 wks(which was early i'm told) followed by another about a week later 2 eggs a day.... sometimes only 1!! It was going well till a third started laying last week got 3 eggs a day for about 3 days them only 2 .... today I witnessed one lay right on the ground turn around and they all came running to eat it....omg it was aweful I ran into the run to pushed them all away and pick up the remainder...then carefully inspected the coop to find evidence of a couple more eaten :(..........they get layer mixed with grow and show and I put oyster shell in a dish for them to eat fresh water twice a day meal worms,watermelon corn scratch feresh grass clipping (very spoiled girls)I handle them every day!!
    the coop is up off the ground with 3 nesting boxes with a golf ball in the nest box the run is about 20x20 enclousure
    I check them in the am before I leave for work and 1st thing after work.I am still getting 2 eggs a day they don't touch>>?? please help not sure what to do next
    thanks.... concerned mother of 6
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