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Apr 17, 2012
I have 4 red pullets and 2 sebright bantams. I just now got to the bottom of a 20 lb starter/grower feed mix I've had them on since I bought them in April. My mom had bought my sister 4 pullets as well. She finished her bag about two weeks before me, while I am just using the last of it up this week, and I have 2 more chicks than she does.

Have my chicks been eating enough? I always keep a supply available to them. Perhaps it is because mine had a warmer heat lamp? And have remained inside longer? Should my feed be gone by now and do I move onto the grower feed once this bag is gone?
If your chicks are lively and growing well you probably are feeding them enough. After feeding them, check their crops. You would be able to see if it's full, just by looking at them.
You can start them on grower feed now. And you can give greens like spinach or carrot tops and other treats like mealworms, bread, pasta, apples etc.
Thanx for the info! : ) They are big, healthy, and very lively. I just needed a second opinion to feel better about it. I think I may just give them a little treat when I get home today. : ))

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