eating fertile eggs?

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OK, I did a search and hunted and pecked
around but didn't find an answer...

I just bought my first chickens, two BPR hens and a roo. I want to eventually breed more of them (that's why the rooster, and he was also a beautiful bird, and I couldn't resist) but also plan to eat the eggs (if they ever lay).

Question: Is there any difference in the flavor/texture/appearance of fertile eggs when you eat them? I saw (I think on this site) the photo showing the "dead spot of cells" on a fertile egg yolk, but is it really noticeable when you cook such an egg?

Also, how do fertile eggs "keep" in the refrigerator? Do they have a shorter shelf life than non-fertile eggs?

Finally, I heard that egg production drops off after the hen gets to be a year old. Is that true for all chickens (including Barred Rocks)? What do you do when the hens get to be a year old? Eat them?

Sorry for all the questions (Storey's book is on order) and thanks for any help. This is a great site!

You are not going to notice a difference between fertile and non fertile eggs either in the refrigerator or on the plate. We used to keep our layers for two years and then it was soup. The Storey book will give you some good advice on that.

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