Eating fertile eggs

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  1. I know that if I collect the eggs daily and get them in the fridge they will be ok to eat but if I miss one how long does it take for development to start and I crack an egg open to find an embrio? [​IMG]
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    the red dot shows at around 3 days, but if you don't have a broody you won't see anything, you need a sitting hen to get them started
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    If your duck was sitting on an egg constantly for two - three days- you would find the beginnings of the embryo forming, just a few small veins- day five would be worse with you being able to see the actual embryo as well. Also during summer months it is possible that you could see development if the duck is sitting in the nest all night- hot temperatures during the day can continue the incubation process- so its always best to collect eggs daily if they are for consumption - and any that are questionable dont use.
  4. Ok thanks.
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    If I forget to bring in an egg, I just leave it for the crows

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