Eating Insulation!!!


8 Years
Feb 10, 2011
Sussex County, NJ
I have 28 6 week olds in a 5 x 10 grow out area and they have found a way into the insulation.
I thought I had it sufficiently covered and protected. They all seem ok, but should I be concerned? I have, of course, re-secured the area. Not exactly the smartest things when it comes to what they put their beaks around... they ate through the drywall in areas to get at it.
They go in the full coop as soon as I can get it properly secured against predators (we had a racoon out in broad daylight examining the area already, must have been exploring the compost area...).
my chicks did the same thing! their poop seemed to go runny for a bit, but we covered up where they had been pecking at the insulation and the runny poop pretty much stopped, I would say that they will probably be fine, but I advise you to block it up because I doubt that large amounts are very good for them....

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