Eating the comb?


11 Years
Sep 8, 2008
Loxahatchee, Florida
I have 1 full size rir full sized hen (never layed an egg since I had her). I have 4 bo's 8 weeks old & 4 rir 8 weeks old. About 2 weeks ago my 2 br's got old enough (4 weeks old) to put in the coop along with the others. All seemed alright I noticed they were being pushed a little at feeding time so I made sure to put plenty of food in so they could eat after the others were done. Well this morning I noticed that the br that I thought was a rooster because of his large comb and more pronounced colors, his comb has been chewed off. I am wondering if I should take them back out for a few weeks or what. I am wonderind if it is the full sized hen that is to blame if it is I will be eating her soon because I have been feeding her for months and not one egg. What should I do?

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