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Nov 29, 2011
I know that this subject has probably been beaten to death but being a total newbie to chickens I hope that you can help me out! I'm also severely challenged by building projects so I will have to go pre-fab or have someone build something for me...

I found this coop with tractor on ebay


I will need housing for 6-8 Silkies - they will spend nights in a velocoraptor proofed run (with the main coop in it?) and days free ranging with supervision and in a tractor.
After viewing all the beautiful coops on here I am already prepared to make some changes like a linoleum floor in the main house and shingles/metal roof.

What do y'all think?
In my opinion the is too small for 8 silkies. It looks great on the photo but when you get it, it's actually small. I bought 2 of them and and was very disappointed. I was going to use it for my two small polish, which grew big pretty fast and so I had to move them. So I added the one run from the other house to the first run and put my 1 D'Uccle roo and 1 OEGB hen in there. They are adults and it just perfect for them.
Though I know they wish the run was taller. The other one I used as a coop for the 2 polish but had to build my own taller and longer run for the 2 polish. Once the baby polish are big enough to move in with them, I will have a new coop and run made for them and use this for a baby chick house for the summers.

If you have 8 silkies, knowing they do not jump high or fly up much at all, they still need plenty of run room. I think it was posted here, 2-3 foot per chicken. Honestly I would not put more than 3 adult silkies in there. Plus keep in mind, you may find the same chicken house at multiple web site for different prices. Thay what I found when cruising the internet.

There is this one http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12237926&SRACC=eCommerce&lmdn=Product+Type&gclid=CKC9xL31rq0CFUhgTAodZxddmA
says up to 4 chickens (but keep in mind silkies are smaller then your average RIR and still in your price range.

But this one is longer, bigger in cheaper in price as well as shipping http://www.chickencoopsource.com/chicken-coops/chicken-coops/capecodchickencoop.cfm
may have to buy this myself!
It's going to need some alterations to those sliding door vents, unless there is a locking mechanism I am not seeing from the pics. That, with the linoleum floor and metal roof you were planning, should be a pretty cute coop. The attached run could use an apron of welded wire around the bottom to keep any diggers out. Other than those things- I think it's going to be a sweet, little coop.

Good luck.
Did you see that the indoor living area is basically 2ft. x 3 ft.???? So around 6 sq. ft of indoor living space. It would be fine for a pair of silkies (2), but not 6. Other than having a run and looking cuter, it's no larger than a basic (smallish) doghouse. I would keep looking...
I have to say, for $322, you could probably find someone to build you a better coop and run. Maybe nothing extravagant, but I bet you could get something much bigger than this. Are you using it as a tractor or as a permanent coop to stay in one place?

I agree with others who've posted: this is not enough space (about 21 sq.ft total with run and coop combined) for 6-8 bantams. At most you could keep four birds in here if your were moving the tractor at least once per day.

See if you can find a contractor (now is probably a good time of year -- not much business) who can build you something better and probably within the time it'd take to have this one shipped.

Best of luck, whatever you decide.
I won't be buying anymore chicken coops online anymore, unless they are hand made. This last spring I bought the Pawhut chicken coop off of eBay, and it is falling apart. Once the rains hit during the summer it didn't stand a chance. I would search Craigslist. You can usually find some really nice ones that someone has made that will probably last longer, or do what we did. We bought a wood shed at Home Depot and made a chicken coop out of it. It's the best!
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Agreed, The one I bought that I wrote about in an earlier post on this thread was cute but not as large as I thought. Said no tools required. HAHA and it took two people to hold sides while one connected it. Then you have to build it where you want it because the run will fall off and the roof will too if you try to move it. And yes, I too had to water seal it or it would not have lasted one spring season of rain.
I will not buy them again. Seriously, for 300 bucks you could make a much nicer coop and run and possible pay for the labor too.

Silkies do appreciate not having to go up ramps and so the coop is nice in that regard (close to the ground).

You might consider going with a built one, or a shed kit installed for you from Lowe's/HD.

These prefab. coops don't last long but if you only want it to last for one season you can get by with it when they are chicks. They will squeeze in there fine, being silkies as they like to huddle together on the floor and not roost especially when young. But eventually you will wish for more room for them, especially in inclement weather.
Thank you all SO MUCH for your information and expertise! It is very much appreciated

I will keep looking. I was excited about it being a tractor and a separate stationary coop...just what I would like to have. I already have a great pen (translation; dog kennel) that I uber-fortified for when my swans were tiny, so I would like to get a stationary coop to put in there for the Silkie's nighttime home and put them into the tractor for daytime foraging fun. I'm just super wary about letting them free range unless I am right there to supervise, although my guineas do just fine free ranging daily and heading for their house at night.

I will call around to some local contractors and keep my eye on CL. Thank you all again for setting me straight on the size (I didn't do the math...DUH...)
Thank heavens for BYC!

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