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Dec 31, 2008
Carthage, NC
I bought some. It was my first hatch and got a 60% hatch rate. None of the eggs were broken either.


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Jun 15, 2008
Hit or miss. My first hatch was only 2 of 24. 2nd hatch was 8 out of 18. Third hatch 9 out of 14. Last batch I paid for 200 quail eggs, got 216 with about 8 broken, had 139 survive to hatch day, and have 102 healthy chicks. No idea how many actually hatched instead of just how many I have alive today. Things got a bit insane with 139 eggs.
Currently I have 3 batches from ebay with one being 100% clears, one having 100% (8 out of 8) developing chicks, and one about half good. Then I have a batch from eggbid.com that about 1/3rd look good. All set the same day in the same incubator.


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Feb 26, 2009
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For the most part I have had sucess! A couple of times were a disappointment, just a couple. Look at their feedback and how long they have been selling on ebay. I usually will not buy from someone that has a lower feedback score or has not sold anyhting. Good luck!
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Mar 5, 2009
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I currently have around 42 from ebay in the incubator - All are showing babies and due next week. It depends on who you buy from. I watched the listings closely and had the best luck from the small farm posters who posted pictures of thier birds rather than eggs.


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Jan 23, 2009
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So far all my eggs were from ebay. I have not had a very good rate - HOWEVER, that is more due to a power outage from weather when I had an incubator full!!!

I just hatched the last of those sets this am. My next 3 sets - all from ebay sellers goes into the hatcher tomorrow. So far I have had really good development of these eggs. I am hopefull that they will turn out better.

Of the first hatches I had 50 eggs go in (counting extras sent). More than 80% started to develop. However after power failure and all, I have only hatched 7 chicks. I had several die in the shell fully developed without even trying to get out. I had a couple not develop the last few days to absorb the yolk sac and I had one with birth defects.

I know that sounds awful, but I have to attribute it to having eggs sent from clear across country. Two of the shipments got stuck at the PO for an extra length of time because neither the sellers or I relaized it was a holiday weekend. Then we lost power in the snow storm we had last month. Plus I had 2 of those 4 shippments take a real beating from the USPS.

Currently I have 3 more batches of eggs in the incubator. I started with 27 eggs. 2 were smashed by PO. 4 never developed. the remaining 30 eggs had some growth as of last week. I'm candling again tonight. I have 5 that were "iffy".

However, the "iffy" eggs came from a shipment from the west coast and spent 5 days in transit, so I was surprised when any of them grew at all!

Buying eggs and having them shipped is a risky proposition regardless of where you buy them from. I have bought all of my eggs from ebay - and I believe most of the sellers are BYC members as well. I have had really good luck with who I have bought from. They were all very nice and very helpful. I think that is the best you can hope for when buying something as fragile as eggs.


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Mar 14, 2009
It's a tossup when buying off ebay. I bought a dozen quail eggs, 100% were fertile. I also bought 2 chinese goose eggs, both were infertile and recently I bought 2 sebastopol goose eggs and both were fertile. All the times the eggs were packed very well and arrived quickly so I'll continue buying off ebay. Just make sure to order when the temperature won't be too hot or cold. Good luck!


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Mar 18, 2009
Finally got my 12 barred rock in the mail this morning. Put them in the 1602s havabator at 2:00 pm with 4 RIR & 2 Americanas.Took 5
days priority mail, should have been 2-3 days!


Apr 7, 2008
I try to buy eggs within a few states of me. I have almost no luck hatching eggs from the east coast & I've purchased eggs from at least 6 sellers in the last few years. I blame it on the transit time & rough handling from the post office. Even if the eggs arrive intact the air sac is usually broken. However, I have great luck if I stick to eggs from sellers in the Midwest.

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