Ebay/Paypal buyer protection plan - score 1 for the good guys!


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Apr 4, 2009
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So they have this new buyer protection plan "thing" where the buyer can put a hold on the funds for up to 30 days. So last weekend we sold a dozen turkey eggs, buyer paid right away. Wonderful. Eggs were packaged and at the main PO at 8am Monday morning like we always do. Tuesday morning get a notice from paypal that the funds are on hold placed by the buyer due to dispute. Sharon calls paypal - very helpful, she gives them the tracking number of the package. It was even updating and showed the package moving thru the system - yaaaaay for the USPS. The package would be at it's destination by Wed. The person she talked to couldn't settle the dispute but had to kick it up a level so she told them the package was almost there and our funds are on hold. So they flagged it as a rush - Wedesday case closed, funds released to us!!!!!!!!!

As soon as we saw the dispute we sent emails to buyer via ebay and paypal...... no responce to either. Due to the lack of responce from the buyer I wonder if this is a new scam. If we didn't see it and react as fast as we did they could have closed the case and we would have been out the eggs and the shipping cost. Paypal was right there and did their part so that was good. If you sell on ebay keep an eye on your emails. If anybody wants the buyers ebay handle PM me.



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Aug 25, 2008
Nice to hear a happy ending for a change. Ebay and PayPal might be getting the message that the buyers were given Teflon immunity and it's time to balance the scales again.

I finally quit selling on ebay altogether. Perhaps I'll check it out again.

Very glad you got it in time, that may be a new scam, seems there's no end to human ingenuity!


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May 10, 2010
Gah. I hate dishonest people.

I've been burned as a buyer. There was one suspicious occurrence as a seller for me.

I'm glad you got your money.

It's always smart to keep meticulous records and receipts/proof of mailing. Totally worth it.


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Jan 11, 2010
Good for you!

I have a claim going in paypal right now. I bought some eggs and waited for 3 weeks never heard from the seller nothing. I have asked for my money back 3 times.
The eggs were apparently shipped on the 31st and arrived at my PO on the 5th. can we say not going to hatch. I refused them.
Still waiting for my money to be returned. Still nothing from the seller.

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