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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by mustangsaguaro, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. mustangsaguaro

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    Nov 30, 2007
    San Martin, Ca
    I want to get some eggs from an ebay seller. So, I emailed this seller w/ a question regarding shipping. I basically wanted to know from her if I bid on her auction could she hold off sending eggs until the following week. Reason being is b/c a friend and I are hatching eggs and the friend has the incubators at her house (she only lives like 2 miles from me) if I were to win this persons auction and get the eggs by Wed or Thur. of next week the eggs would be hatching around March 27 and my friend is going on vacation then. This person responded w/ the following answer, which really p***ed me off.

    Hi Kim! Nice to hear from you again. This auction is for 6+ eggs. That means 6 eggs plus any extras I have available on the day of ship. As far as if will I hold shipment... I would not recommend bidding on this auction. My job is to set you up for success. At this point you have another batch of eggs already coming your way from another seller. Setting different age eggs in the same incubator is not something I recommend unless you are experienced at hatching and have a cabinet style incubator or TWO incubators. Also, you mention your friend will be incubating the eggs and not yourself. I can not guarantee eggs that someone who is not working with me is hatching. My suggestion is to wait until you have received the other eggs, wait for them to hatch, and then bid on one of my future auctions. I'm sorry to disappoint, but this note has red flags all over it. Setting different age eggs, delay shipment, someone else hatching the eggs. None of these things spell SUCCESS to me. I do appreciate your interest and thank you. Good luck w/ your hatch! Cindy Lou

    Now first of all how would this person know I have eggs coming from another seller?Actually some of those other sellers eggs have already hatched and the other eggs I got from this seller are due to hatch sometime in March. After the comments this seller made I am not sure I even want to get eggs from this person now. What do you guys think. Was she out of line in making some of the statements she made?

  2. Katy

    Katy Flock Mistress

    I'm not sure what you're upset about. Looks to me like the seller is trying to do the best thing for you both. Unless someone is pre-selling eggs, they're selling eggs that will be ready to ship when the auction is over. I'd buy from this buyer because it looks to me like she has her buyers best interest foremost. She is obviously not interested in pre-selling eggs which is her right.
  3. pips&peeps

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    Jan 18, 2008
    Newman Lake, WA

    I believe she is a member on this forum.... She does not have true ameraucanas because she mixes her varieties.

    Can you go to chat so we can discuss your questions from the ABC site???
  4. mustangsaguaro

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    Nov 30, 2007
    San Martin, Ca
    I wasn't asking her to presell me eggs. I was asking her if she could hold off on sending eggs till the following week. Due to my friend who is doing the hatching will be out of town the week the chicks are due to hatch. Maybe in some peoples eyes that is preselling. She appears to be a very good seller and has gorgeous birds, that's why I'd like to win some. The auctions I have bid and watched have seen them go in upwards of $32 for 6 eggs. The statement she makes about not doing staggered batches unless you are experienced I think that was wrong, but maybe I am looking/reading into things to far. I may not be experienced at hatching eggs, but out of my first batch of eggs I got like 27 and I think 15 or 16 of those hatched. I don't think that's a too bad of a percentage.
  5. Katy

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    I guess to me you were asking her to pre-sell eggs because you didn't want the ones that she currently had up for auction. I don't think she did anything that you should be p***ed off about. There's been times that I didn't bid on eggs because of the timing didn't work very well and I've emailed the seller to see if they were going to have more later on....sometimes they do, sometimes not, but I never figured it was something to be upset about.
  6. mario2girls

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    Sep 5, 2007
    it is funny when people read things, everyone has a different opinion of what is said,,,,i was thinking this e mail was fine,,,til i got to the ,,,,this is full of red flags,,,like you are going to be a problem, so i am not selling to you,,,,
    next time,,,dont give so much info and hopefully you willl get a yes /no answer instead of a lecture on why your a red flag buyer,,,,
  7. hooligan

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    Aug 20, 2007
    This reminds me of the King of the Hill episode where Peggy becomes part of a pyramid scheme and the person over her wants to "set her up for success".

    To me the seller did come off as being rude.
  8. jkcove08

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    Apr 12, 2007
    I wouldnt be to upset, the seller has those eggs for sale, she might plan on collecting and setting herself next week. Or you will just have to wait and see if she puts another auction up next week and try for that one. As far as holding for shipping if you want those eggs that are up for auction now buy them and hold them yourself. As far as how does she know what you have ordered, all she has to do is look at your feed back and see when you bid and won on eggs last. She was probably checking to see how often you have ordered eggs or if you had ever done it before. I always check the feed back of people winning my auctions. It can be frustrating not getting what you want when you want it but that is part of the auction forum. Good luck, Jenn
  9. Wynette

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    Sep 25, 2007
    I don't hatch eggs, but I'd buy eggs from this seller in a heartbeat. She obviously (at least to me) is conerned about her eggs, her reputation, and who her eggs go to. I'd much rather do business with someone of this caliber than someone selling old eggs that doesn't give a rip about hatchability or their responsibility as a seller. JMO
  10. hypnofrogstevie

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    Jul 12, 2007
    Newton NJ
    at least she was being polite. I dealt with alot of bad peeps on ebay and she dont seem mean. She did not block you from future sales or anything.

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