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8 Years
Jun 28, 2011
Swansea, SC
Does anyone know if the two people selling Swedish Flower hatching eggs on ebay are legit? Wildhorsefarms and burtonjon1. I'm heard about people getting scammed and not getting the breed they ordered, or sometimes just getting supermarket eggs. I've ordered eggs from ebay before with mixed results, but these are high dollar so I wanted to see if anyone else had gotten some from either place.

been up since 4:30
My roosters are still sleeping!!!!
I got up at 5, but one of my roosters was up with me. I think a predator was out there, when I looked, the hens were all down, and they don't usually get off the roost until sunrise. Did you fare ok with Irene? There isn't a whole lot on the news, but looks like from NY up really got hammered with the infrastructure.
yes and no:(
My Dh had built a beautiful outhouse--I was supposed to be a lavish outhouse for a high end client...The client changed their minds in the last minutes! They had him build something else!
anyhoo we took the one he built home and it has been a holding building for fishing and boating supplies. A tree crashed right through the middle of it-took it out like a box of match sticks! stained glass windows and all:( Ill have to get a photo of it later-2500$ gone!..Some car damage from branches-we had a power surge run through our house and it blew up numerous electronics-all replaceable in time:( but we are all safe as are the animals and that's what is important....how bout you?
So sorry. I know it was all stuff that can be replaced, but $$$$ that it takes to replace it doesn't come easy. We only got a little wind, and it didn't do any damage. Actually inspired my son and one of his friends to take out a dead pine tree that had been threatening the chicken shed for a long time. Was this an outhouse outhouse? I had thought of building one for times when the power goes out. Or was it like an shed? I guess the insurance is going to be slow to pay off on something like that.
Haha it was an outhouse without the "seating" That was the last thing he was putting in before the client changed his mind -thank goodness...When we brought it home we used it as a shed to hold items that wouldn't ruin the shed just in case he has another client wanting one made:) Don't know if Ins is going to cover it:(
Thanks Big Blue. I sent him a message asking, and hoping and praying, that he will have more eggs after this auction. I just filled my 'bator on Saturday with marans eggs. If not, I think I'm gonna have to see if I can pay someone to hatch them, unless one of the girls cooperates and gets broody for me real quick like.

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