Ebony... Again


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Jun 10, 2013
Ebony hatched 12/13/14. He was all black, no white spot on his head. Chance he was sex-linked, and this deffinatly seemed plausible when BSL female chest feathers came in. Ebony was so nice, he just wanted to be held as a chick. I started calling him Bestie.

At 10 weeks old, Ebony looked like a pullet, except for the saddle feathers that cans through. I was disappointed, as I already kept two roosters from the December hatch hoping the two could lead my flock of hens. Only a few days later, one of the roosters, Dixon died. My plan for two roosters failed too. I worried there would be too many chickens in a small place. So I gave Fish away, leaving Ebony.

Well, Ebony will be 24 weeks today. Still no manly behaviors. I want fertile eggs! His breed seems to be a BSL crossed with a Jersey Giant.

Pictures of Ebony from today:


He has a spur growing on only one side too.

So, rooster, hen, or mosaic gynandromorph?

Ol Grey Mare

One egg shy of a full carton. .....
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Mar 9, 2014
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My Coop
He's a cockerel - not having crowed does not counter the undeniable physical characteristics and is not indicative of gender, there is no magic age at which a male must crow.....Ebony could go his entire life without ever crowing, but that wouldn't mean he isn't a cockerel.
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