Ecoglow Heater, How do you keep top Clean, lots of Poopies!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by gabbyscritters, Feb 25, 2012.

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    Mar 28, 2009
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    Loving our new Brinsea ecoglow brooder heaters, so do the chicks. The ecoglow is the center of activity in the brooder, chicks runnining and out and now that they are older lots of playing ontop. Lots of pooping on top, lots and lots of pooping.

    Just letting the little stinkers poop all over the yellow plastic top and leave it would be way too yucky. A few chicks you could just wipe it off a few times a day a bunch of chicks need something on top to deal with the poops. Tried single layer of paper towel, help in place by some double sided tape. Worked well at first, now need double layer of paper towel or poop soaks thru and the little stinkers shread chucks of the paper towel out and have fun running around the brooder with peices of paper towel. They have lots of fun with this game but they also try to eat the paper towel so thats not good.

    What do you use to keep you ecoglow clean and healthy for your chicks? Ideas please!
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    How bout cover top with HD Aluminom foil. Might have to use some of that Alunimum foil looking duct tape to secure it.Or cut a piece of plexiglass to size.could atache it with above tape or Double-sided tape or velcro.Plywood could work too...cva34

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    I find once it's dry, the poop just flakes off. I pick it up and scrape it with a plastic shovel. I'll give it a more thorough cleaning between hatches.

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