Edible Upcountry Spring Edition- Taylor made the cut!

Jackie B.

Paris Mtn. Eggs
9 Years
May 13, 2010
Greenville, SC
Edible Magazine, the Upstate (SC) edition has featured nearly their entire spring issue to raising chickens. A photographer came to the house to take pictures but I wasn't really sure if any of my flock would make it. There's some stiff competition in these neck of the woods. But Taylor the BO did! I had a couple of pullet divas at the shoot, but Taylor did a great job and cuddled in my lap for nearly 30 minutes. It was a lot of fun and I hope this edition encourages more backyard chicken owners in Greenville and the surrounding areas.

Check it out at http://www.ediblecommunities.com/upcountry/.


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AWESOME photo shoot! I hope my farm will be worthy of EdibleUpstate sometime soon. Edamame, fine boned, organic rabbit....gotta be SOMETHING I can tempt them with.

I hope even ONE of my flock of 35 will want to cuddle. I should be so lucky. There are two who are oddly curious and docile at the tender age of three weeks, so I have my fingers crossed. Frankly, I think its all bout me being the vittle getter. They see me coming with the creep feeders and its a flockin' free for all!

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