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This was just too cute NOT to share. Our little silver laced wyandotte has been a snuggle bunny from day 1. She jumps on my hand when I am trying to clean the brooder or change the food...loves being picked up and touched. Well she has decided that if I walk over to look in on them that I must pick her up...when I did not she decided that those new wing things should help her...she tried and tried and I finally got the camera and caught it...this is the result of her attempts...



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Okay she is really confused...she thinks she can fly and she thinks she is a parrot. Each time I pick her up and hold her next to me she immediately goes up to perch on my shoulder...she just sits there looking around at everything peeking out of my hair. Can chickens have an identity crisis because this one thinks she is a parrot?
That is too adorable!!! I love their little baby attempts at being grown up!
We have a red Star that has almost lived on our shoulders from day one. She still does and she is a big girl now!
Oh thanks...I hope she stays this cuddly. I get a kick out of her. I let her stay on my shoulder with my hand over her just in case...I walk around the bathroom one handed filling feeder and such. LOL

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