Edited Large Fowl Chicken Photo Contest - Prize! WINNER ANNOUNCED!


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Intro & Basic Rules:
This contest is open to large fowl chickens, pure or mixed. Each BYC member may post up to 2 large fowl chickens. Hens and roosters are accepted, but no chicks under the age of 12 weeks will be judged. The picture can be of the entire bird or a close-up picture.

The only "real" rule here is that they be edited in some way. A good picture editing program is www.picnik.com. Let's see some imagination! The funkier the better.

Entries will be judged on using a points scale:
1. Pose (10 points possible)
2. Picture quality (40 points possible)
3. Uniqueness (30 points possible)
4. Story or unusual quality of the bird pictured (10 points possible)
5. Condition (10 points possible)

Entries will be judged by:
1. greenfamilyfarms (myself)
2. Cammy
3. michaelmay26

The grand prize winner will receive a dozen eggs donated by myself or a 6 month GFM (winner's choice).

Good luck and have fun!



Grand Prize - Sjisty's 2-headed rooster
2nd Prize - Mrs. Chickendady's Barbara
3rd Prize - DougtheChickenMan's Blaze

CONGRATS!!! Sjisty, you are the winner of a dozen eggs or a 6-month GFM!

To all those who participated, all of the entries were really great and we had a hard time choosing. Thanks so much for entering. I enjoyed looking at your birds and seeing your creativity through these edited photos.
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