Edited to say: 3 out of 14 laying now!

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    I went into the coop yesterday and found a peewee sized egg - Queenie, my big buff orp, has been laying since 10/30, and her eggs had grown to medium sized (we've had 10 from her so far). So I was puzzled. Today I went in and there weree two eggs in the nestbox - one larger medium and one almost small. The shell was a little speckled, just like the one yesterday - so now two of the BO's are laying. [​IMG] I just had to tell you all. Maybe by the end of the winter they'll all be laying [​IMG]
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  2. Hey Congratulations Ann! [​IMG]
    I had a new layer today too, its first time I found an egg on the floor, hope she learns to use the nestbox.
    I have no idea who layed it though, its in the coop where I keep a big mix of breeds and they are all the same age, but its the first egg ever laid in that coop from that flock.
    The other hens in the first flock are laying well now.
    You know now that there will be an avalanche of eggs for us and the farmer's markets are all over.
    Spring ought to be great though, they should all be laying steadily.
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    Good for you, Anne!

    I'm toasting your success with pumpkin cookies (made with lots of eggs) and a cup of herb tea [​IMG].

    (spotted eggs sound more like the BR's I've had than my BO's . . . just sayin' [​IMG])

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    Congrads! I cant wait to get home and check for eggs! Mine just started laying also!

  5. Reinbeau

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    I went in tonight to close them up and found a third - so three are laying! Triple [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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