EE, barred Rock crosses

Can you post a pic of your EE roo ? White EEs are generally carrying Dominant White and if he is has two copies of it then when bred to a barred rock hen, all of the chicks will come out white with black dots. If he only has one copy of Dominant White, then half with will be white and the othe half would be black Sexlinks ( Black hens and Barred roos)

But your best bet would be to us a pure Ameraucana roo on Barred Rock hens and that will give you all Black Sexlinked EEs. Or you could use a EE roo but you need one that isnt carrying Dom White so if he is showing black, then he isnt carrying dom white and would work as well but some of the offspring may lay brown eggs.

Or a Barred Rock roo on Ameraucana hens should give all barred EEs, I'm not really brushed up on egg color genetics though so maybe someone else can tell you how many different colors of eggs you would get with useing EEs instead of Ameraucanas.
There isn't any black on him that I can see.

I just did the same kind of experiment wanting the same results as you, but I used my Barred Rock Roo and 3 different color EE's. And out of the 6 eggs I hatched it looks like I did get one black chick with barring and puffy chicks. The EE hen that gave most of the fertile eggs was white, the other two a sort of blueish wheaten color. I'll post pics of the chick I'm talking about. But pretty much it looks like I got some barred ameraucana babies.

Clint do you know of any sex link judging I could do on them, Like if they have a single comb they're a male or something? They're only a month and a half.
Nope, combs arent sexlinked and if the the roo was barred they wouldnt be color sexed either, so you'll just have to wait it out.

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