EE Cemani cross?


Oct 11, 2018
Hey Ladies and Gents!! Question here. I bought Cemani and EE around 2months ago. When I went to check the Cemani flock they had always been in their own coop and run. When I finally went to purchase they were running free with the EE, But was told this was because she had already had her eggs to hatch in the incubator. After coming home I noticed one of my Cemani had a middle claws white and the rest had patchy inside mouths. Now I’ve noticed that 3 EE are dark grey with black legs, skin, combs wattles everything black except the inside of their mouth. Are they cross between each other? And what color eggs do you think these grey pulleys with lay?


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Sorry I have no idea but that’s a beautiful bird!
Thank you, and I have 2 more just like it! They are gorgeous I can’t wait to see how they look as adults, they even have the black skin too. Just bummed that it’s come to be that my Cemani are not full as the lady said

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