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Jul 29, 2010
New Glarus
I know it is hard to tell when they are a few days old, but will be going to pick out my EE tomorrow from a batch of them. Is it true that the lighter ones are usually more boys than the darker chipmunk ones?

What else would you look for to distinguish the pullets?
My one light EE chick, which the hatchery had sexed as female, was a mostly white roo, and all 5 of the EE chipmunk ones were hens. I have NO idea whether that is usually true, though. Good luck!
There really is no "usual" for EEs. They are all different. And the light for males / dark for females thing doesn't work with EEs, it works with Welsummer chicks, and I'm not sure about other "partridge" patterned birds like partridge cochins / rocks, etc.
Yes, lighter chipmunks are often males - In most cases, they're golden duckwing in color. However, sorting out and choosing EE's by color of the chick's down isn't a good way in trying to find male vs female, I say just go with a good assortment.
Yeah, when I got my EE chick, she was dark brown, with light around feet and breast, and she had little freckles ^^ But yeah, it's not a very good way to tell.
The EE chick in my avatar was purchased as a sexed pullet and she is a hen (that unfortunately lays brown/pink eggs) but she totally reversed her color pattern. She has a white body with black here and there and a gray beard. I think EE's are very hard to sex based on their color and it is in the end just a tossup. Just get several that way when it becomes obvious you can get rid of the roos.

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