EE cockerel in MA needs a home...I'll drive!

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    I'm working on getting a picture...

    "Poppycock" was hatched mid-April, is mostly black, with that gorgeous green "beetle" sheen, with white speckling on wings. Slate legs, red earlobes. He was one of 3/day-old chicks from the local farmer supply, but started crowing (or trying to) at about 7 weeks, much to my chagrin. I so wish I could keep him, but we have a small flock of EE's with a 3 year old rooster. We thought we had a home for him up the street, but that didn't work out... Poppy has blossomed into a very flashy young 'roo. He has a beautiful crowing voice now, and even gathers his 2 girls with those special "yummy noises". He's very easy to handle.

    If he needs to become food, my father-in-law has first dibs on him, but I'd love to find him a forever home with a flock of his own girls. We live in north Central MA, right on the NH border. I'm willing to drive quite a distance (several hours) for the right home, and will even drive to take him back if it doesn't work out.

    I'll try to get those pictures up. Trouble with the camera...

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