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    Up for bid are 6+ EE eggs. I've checked the fertility and all the eggs in my bator are fertile so it's good. The hens laying are 2 silvers and 2 buff laced. One of the silvers is lighter in color than the other. The mother to them is one of the buff laced and the roo was an Americauna. (that is the father to the hens) I get a blue egg from the darker silver one when she decides to lay. She is picky about giving away her blue eggs. If she lays one it will be included in the box. The roo is an EE also. In the pictures there are different breeds in those pens. The EE's have been moved to their own pen a few months ago. The roo's short tail is due to a dog pulling out his tail feathers. That happened with his previous owners. They all, including the roo, have great temperments. Not mean at all and actually very sweet. Their offspring will be the same. I've hatched out many of Lil Spikes eggs this summer when I had her with a splash silkie roo. The chicks where just beautiful. And sweet as can be.

    I can't be responsible for what the postal service does nor the incubation of the eggs. Once they leave here it is out of my control. If there is a problem contact me and it can get solved. I keep all eggs I hold back for incubation in a cool room that stays around 65 to 68 degrees. They are kept in a carton and in a safe place so they don't get damaged at all. I wrap each one in bubble wrap and secure them in a box. They won't move in the box. I expect payment after auctions end by paypal only. If you do not have paypal please don't bid. Eggs will be ready to ship at the end of auction.

    They will be sent out priority mail with a delivery comfirmation number which I will provide you with.
    Here are the chicks that just hatched yesterday. All but the yellow one and the duck are EE's
    By emvickrey at 2010-10-30

    Here are a few pics of the EE's
    By emvickrey at 2010-08-14
    By emvickrey at 2010-08-14
    By emvickrey at 2010-08-14
    By emvickrey at 2010-08-14
    This one usually lays a long egg. She is not the mother to them all but a sister.
    By emvickrey at 2010-06-25
    The roo
    By emvickrey at 2010-10-17
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    Just would like to say that there is great fertility here. I have 8 out of 8 developing on day 14. Would snatch these up as well if my incubator wasn't on its way to full. 2 more egg shipments on there way today.

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