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    Apr 18, 2009
    I have eggs in the hatcher now. Today is day 18 so I am hoping they are ready to be shipped on Sat or Monday based on when they hatch.

    I have

    Easter Egger frizzles have 8 eggs in the hatcher and have about 8 eggs of the NN/Standard Frizzles. All the hens are in the same pen with a Barred Frizzle roosters. He is not booted but does carry the gene for it as well as NN. The hens are both Amerucana and NN. The eggs from the the Amerucana will be EE and may have a NN as well. The eggs from the NN hens usuall hatch both NN and non NN.

    They are 2. for the NN chicks and 2.50 for the EE chicks. I can ship up to 25 chicks in the box. Shipping is based on what zone you are in. If you need to know what shipping is just PM me with your zip and I will let you know.

    This is a one day auction only as we have a swap on Saturday and will bring the chicks there if no one wants them.

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