EE genders


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Kind of hard to answer next to the photos because of the way they're stacked together, so I did two lists, down the lefthand column then down the right.

Left side pics:

Right side pics:
Tricky one; probable pullet
For your cross beak baby read through the thread "diary of a cross beak", theres lots of good information on feed and how to trim the beaks to make it easier for them to eat.
The one that has a mostly orange body with few feathers vote male, and the white with black barred feathers vote possible boy, the rest of the brown ones look like probably girls esp color wise, and the lightest colored one looks like a girl so far.
Okay, here goes. : )

Left Column:
Cockerel- Because he's a got a bigger, more pink comb and stands like a roo.
From top to bottom in second photo: cockerel, pullet, pullet - same as above for the roo. Pullets have smaller, not quite developed combs till they get near laying age.
I'm not sure- though, I'm almost leaning torward cockerel just because of how it's looking at you. Of course, it could've just been the wrong shot at the wrong moment. : P

Middle Column:
I'm not sure
Pullet - small, undeveloped comb
Cockerel- He just seems to have a roo look about him. Also, because I have never seen a black and white EE pullet, yet. : )

Right Column:
Pullet- small, undeveloped comb

Hope that helped some! : )
Hey! There are three columns now and when I answered there were only two columns. I think that based on how you added the photos, you won't know which bird we're talking about.

I suggest posting them again, making sure they are in one column not two or three, and numbering each bird to stop the confusion.
I see two roosters, and the rest are pullets. The roosters are the first one on the upper left (this is based off of the coloring and feather growth), and the last one in the left column (once again, based on coloring, but also on the comb reddness). All of your other birds are pretty pullets!

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