EE hen and bantam mix hen- $5 each

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    Sep 29, 2009
    West Point, GA
    I have two hens that I need to re-home. I'm diversifying my small flock, so I had some overflow [​IMG] I have one black/red EE hen (she lays pretty light blue/green eggs) and one buff/red bantam/standard mix hen (we don't know what she is a mix of for sure-but she's small)-she lays a small white egg (she tends to lay everyday except for when it's super hot). I would also be willing to trade both for one hen of a type I don't own-I'd love some heavier breeds(orps/cochins/etc) -these high-flying EEs are tough to keep in [​IMG]

    I'm asking $5 per hen. NO SHIPPING. If you want to trade or buy, just PM me or call 706 402 5053 (if I don't answer please leave a message!)

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