EE hen with hard abdomen, need advice

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  1. Hi this morning I was watching my EE hen and I thought her bum area looked a little big so I picked her up and her vent was kind of stretched like there was somthin behind it. I felt around but couldn't feel an egg. But her back end is all hard. Wondering what it could be. I had them free ranging all day yesterday and she was quite active and this mornin she was eating and scratching around. If anyone can help that would be great.

    I was thinking of maybe soaking her in case it is an egg stuck. She had been laying regularly a month ago but then stopped, but my other EE did that as well and then she started up again.
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    it may be egg bound, i had a chicken who was egg bound like that for two days before finally laying her egg
  3. She pooped a little and is eating, deinking and scratching around. Mu mom and I are just goig to keep an eye on her to see how she does. Other than her hard bum she is acting normally.
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    If you have rubber gloves put some lubricant or veg oil on a finger, and insert it 1 1/2 inches inside the vent to check for an egg. Also feel of her lower abdomen while you are examining. Very warm soaks can relax the muscles enough to pass an egg. If you think she is egg bound, she needs a dose of calcium-- a Tums or calcium tablet crushed and given in yogurt or wet food, or some crushed egg shells or oyster shell.
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    I'd give her some warm water baths, as it may be egg binding. Just soak her lower half in water for fifteen minutes or so (90-95 degree water is good). Give her some calcium, too, to help her pass the egg.
  6. Okay thanks. I will give her some more calcium in the morning. My mom put her finger up her vent and she didn't feel anything. And my hen doesn't look like she is straining or trying to push anything out.

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