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    Sep 14, 2015
    I have an easter egger who won't lay. I've had the same six hens for about 7 months, and all of them are great layers except one of my EEs. She's about 1 year old. She has never once laid an egg. My other easter egger, who is the same age as her, is laying great.
    She has been sick a couple of times with something respiratory, but got over it. She still has a lingering cough/sneeze but all of her behaviors (other than the not laying) are healthy. She has energy, eats and drinks great, has a red comb, etc. None of the other hens have respiratory problems and they've been together for 7 months now.
    Isn't this strange? Why doesn't she lay?
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    Some respiratory diseases can cause temporary or permanent damage to the oviduct.

    Since she has never laid, I wouldn't be feeding her layer feed. She could end up with kidney damage and eventually gout, which would kill her anyway - and it can cause no egg production.
    A hen can lay eggs as long as she has 2 functioning segments of the 6 kidney segments. Once another is damaged she'll quit.

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