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    Oct 22, 2013

    I am wondering if anyone knows what kind of chick I might get if I cross a EE hen with a RIR rooster. I am hoping for more EE'rs. Our most beautiful EE rooster was killed by either our neighbours dog or coyotes. I am sad and was hoping for EE chicks this spring....we only had 1 hen and 1 rooster of this type. not sure of the genetics and what is dominate etc.

    I am also looking for anyone in the Vernon, Armstrong, salmon arm or Kelowna BC area that is looking to buy EE to split a shipment with.

    Thanks kari[​IMG]
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    If she lays a blue egg her pullets will lay green eggs. If she lays a green egg some of her pullets might lay green eggs some of them might lay brown eggs.
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    Yep. I've crossed green egg EE hens with brown egg roosters and got muddy green layers, green eggs with brown speckles (my kids call those camo eggs [​IMG] ) and just brown eggs. color wise on the chicks you'll probably have reddish chicks in different patterns, maybe some solid red, some more the pattern of the hen.

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