EE is sick, possibly respiratory?

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    Jul 23, 2013
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    My EE is about three months old; I noticed a few days after I got her that she is very different from my other 5 chickens of various breeds. Her tail was drooping and she made an odd sound in her throat and always just once. Kind of sounds like she's clearing her throat. She is fed an organic pullet mix and all of them love it mixed with water 2x a day with dry left out. I gave them all a round of Duramycin for 10 days and her tail perked up but still making the noise. She is the first one to the food dish and eats energetically but eats for much longer than the other chickens and she is very skinny. The oddest part is she will not eat treats; I give meal worms, chard, corn cob, watermelon and anything else I think they will like. She looks at it but never attempts to eat it. The girls free range for an hour or so after dinner and she spends most of that time on my lap dozing. Occasionally I get a whiff of bad breath, not horrible. Her personality seems a bit "special". Crop is normal sized, no hardness or squish. She preens and follows the Orpington around and snuggles her when she can.

    Any suggestions?

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