EE laid one egg two weeks ago, now nothing?

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    Apr 6, 2016
    Hi everyone. I am new to chickens and I have a small mixed flock of 7 pullets/hens. I got them the first week in April so they are about 19-20 weeks old. I have two buffs, 3 EE, a golden laced wyandotte and a black austrlop. They are a riot.

    One of the EE laid a small blue egg about two weeks ago in the run. Since then we have checked everyday and have found nothing. I do let them out when we are home and the wander the yard until dark, so I thought maybe they could have snuck off and laid them near the trees or somewhere outside the coop. But its been raining here, so they have not been out this week and there are no eggs in the coop.

    How normal is that to lay one then not lay again for a while? They are largely pets, so I am more concerned that the cessation of laying is because they are stressed for some reason. I really don't want that. They are healthy and happy otherwise.
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    Since they are still very young, their egg laying schedule has not been set in stone yet, meaning it's still unpredictable. Often times, a pullet will lay a couple eggs and then quit for a while. This is normal as her body is still getting into the swing of laying.

    The other possibly is that she could be laying somewhere in the yard during their free-range time and a predator is consuming the eggs before you can find them.

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