EE laying two eggs a day


Oct 4, 2021

I'm new here and this is my first post. I currently have 8 hens:

-2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 EEs, and 1 Barnevelder that are 26 weeks
-1 that I believe is a Mystic Onyx that is approximately 24 weeks
- 1 Midnight Majesty that is approximately 18 weeks
- 1 white hen with one black spot that I'm not sure of the breed that is also 18 weeks

I give the breakdown of my flock because I'm really confused at the eggs I've gotten on 9/21 and today. My buffs and EEs have been laying for several weeks and my Mystic Onyx just started laying. On 9/21 I collected 5 eggs at lunchtime but noticed that later in the afternoon my one EE was agitated in the hen house and started laying in the nesting box. She proceeded to lay a huge egg that was a double yolk. So I collected 3 EE eggs that day. Today I collected 6 eggs at lunchtime- 3 of those being EE colored.

My question is, is one of my EEs laying two eggs or could one of my other hens somehow be laying green eggs?

I have attached pictures of my flock and the eggs. The pictures of the hens are from about a month ago so they've changed a little.
Wow! That's awesome! Your girls look so happy and healthy! What are EE's?


Nov 13, 2018
New Zealand
I'd still keep an eye on the one that you caught laying a double-yolker since she's only just come into lay. I had a shaver that started out the gates with double-yolkers every other day or so and she ended up with salpingitis after only being on the lay for a few weeks.
Can only imagine those huge eggs caused a tear - some were absolutely enormous.

Hopefully, you just have another rainbow layer in the bunch tho! I think my case was an exception to the norm.

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