EE roo 9 wks old- possible transport CA, OR, WA, Free to right home!

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    Looking to rehome our friendly and well socialized EE roo, who will be 9 weeks in a few days (he hatched around easter). He is cautiously friendly with people, and eats from our hands. Tolerates being handled well. Hops up on my knee for a treat. Well socialized and gentle with other chickens- both bigger and smaller. Would be a great flock protector or pet. He is the largest of our EEs and has some nice colors as he's feathering out. - He's the one to the right in the photo. More photos below.

    We hatched this batch ourselves from fertile EE eggs. He came out of a blue-green egg. Chicks have been ranging in day enjoying plants and bugs in yard. All chickens are disease and pest free. Fed medicated start for first 3 weeks to prevent coccidiosis, then organic diet with many fresh greens after that time.

    Would love to see him go to a non-eating situation- but a good home where he would be treated well until the time to process comes would also be acceptable. Please private message me if you are interested. I may be able to assist with delivery in Northern CA area. I also travel to Washington State in about a month, and potentially could transport to WA or OR the right situation.




    6 weeks old:


    2 days old:


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