EE Rooster origin


6 Years
Mar 20, 2017
Baxter, TN
I understand that EE’s are basically a mutt type of chicken. I know tracing what breeds they’ve come from can but nothing but a guess and I’ve seen a wide variety in the time I've been tasing a backyard flock. The attached photo is my rooster “Lil Wayne”. I’ve seen severa other people on here and YouTube that have IDENTICAL looking EE roosters so I know they have to come from similar breeds. Does anyone have any ideas of what his gene pool may be? I just crossed him with my RIR and my Cuckoo Olive Egger, the chicks are gorgeous and appear to have muffs. Can’t wait to see what they turn out to look like.


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Sorry--golden duckwing coloration isn't hugely common, but it's common enough that I recognise it on sight.

As long as one of the parents were duckwing pattern and one carried silver and another carried gold, you'll get a lot of roosters that look like yours.

Gorgeous boy though, all the same.

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