ee.s or Americauna? Hen or rooster?


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5 Years
Feb 27, 2014
Crown point IN

The lady I bought them from when they were chicks said two were EE and one " the lightest one" is Americauna. I'm confused by this. Also they're straight run... Hoping to get at least one hen! Any guesses?!
They look like EE's to me and they all look to me like pullets. Are they about 5-6 weeks old?
They are all EEs. Many hatcheries have what they call Ameraucanas, Americanas (misspelling of Ameraucana), and Aracaunas, most of the time these are Easter Eggers (mutts with the blue egg gene). They all look like pullets too me right now. Could you get some pictures of their combs?

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