EE sebright cross


Mar 4, 2018
So we have 4 EE girls, a pretty little gold sebright hen and a little punk of a sebright roo who does his job well and hates that the big girls like me more than they like him šŸ˜‚ long story short, noticed a couple of our big eggs looked fertile when using them so we popped some into an incubator to see what would come.

Today was day 21 and we have a successful little (hopefully girl as I'm already getting attached since I had to give a small assist with hatching as she was foot over head in the egg)

Just want to put up a place to easily track her growth and quirks (like so far she's super curious and not a huge peeper)

All black EE hen with a gold sebright roo. Looking like a good combo of both of them when they were chicks. Adorably bantam sized.

20210322_084825.jpg 20210322_214101.jpg


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Apr 3, 2021

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