EE stopped laying?

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    I'm new to chicken keeping and this is my first post. I've gotten a lot of great info reading on here the last few months. I have 9, 28 week old pullets. 3 Wyandotte, 3 Barred Plymouth Rock and 3 EE. We got our first brown egg at 21 weeks. We got a blue egg a few days later and consistently got one blue or green egg a day, along with 4 brown for about 3 weeks. I wasn't sure which EE one was laying because none of them had the sure signs like my other girls they were about to lay ,(I honestly thought one of my other girls had a mutant blue egg gene), the reddening of the waddles, squatting when you put a hand over them. Then all of a sudden, no more blue and green eggs. I'm consistently getting about 5 brown eggs a day. Should I be worried?
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    [​IMG] As long as all of the EE are apparently fine - eating, drinking and acting otherwise normal, I would not worry. In my experience pullets can sometimes be inconsistent in production. Especially so for EE as they have been selected more for egg color than for maximum productivity.
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    Welcome to BYC!

    I would ask if you are free ranging.....they may be laying out in the range area somewhere.

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