EE trio for sale, 12 weeks old

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Tab, Indiana
    I have one EE roo too many, so I'm selling him along with two EE pullets from the same hatch. His name is Wendell, though that could easily be changed. Wendell hatched from a blue egg, the only problem is, he has pink legs and a straight comb. The EE pullets however have pea combs and green legs. They are breeder stock, not hatchery stock. If interested, PM me. Local pick up only, will not ship. Pullets are brown. Beautiful girls, docile and handled frequently. Not too far away from point of lay.


    Pics are a few weeks old. Sorry about that. They are gorgeous now though! I can't find my camera cord to charge my camera, otherwise I would take new pics. Questions, just PM me.

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