Eeeek! Took the plunge- ordered chicks for April

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Here's what breeds I picked based on my desire for a flock of calm, lovely hens to help with yard work, breakfast, entertainment and because I have a love and fascination for birds - all birds. To be able to handle and interact with them and be their protector and friend is a very egg-citing responsibility!
Second week in April is ChickTime!
I ordered these hen chicks from My Pet Chicken, vaccinated for Mareks. I read it's especially bad in the Pacific Northwest USA where we are, so I just went ahead with that straightaway.

3-Speckled Sussex
3-Silver Laced Wyandotte
3-Easter Egger
3-Golden Laced Wyandotte

This will be my first flock of my own, though I've "chicken-sat" for others many times. Now to get busy on the brooder, coop and yard. I live way in the woods with lots of predators, so no free-ranging unless I'm working outside. I'm thinking ahead of myself.....OMG I really really JUST ORDERED CHICKS!!!!!!! Nervous but excited! Now to go fine-tune my coop plan some more.
I placed an order last week from Murray McMurray for 25 chicks to arrive the week of Feb 20 (our school system has winter break that week and I will be home)...I am so excited...yet nervous as well. The SEVEN that I have now were purchased at 3 weeks, so we never had "babies" in the house.
Thanks. I've been really loving all the info here on BYC that helped me pick breeds suited to my needs. I didn't know chickens came in so many varieties and what the differences were other than egg color. My folks always had a flock of RIR and White Leghorns when I was little, but they were farm animals and I was not allowed to interact with them except to get eggs. CHicken-sitting for others has given me a whole new appreciation for chickens, and as you all know, NOW I WANT SOME!!!!! :)

Chickens are fun! Congrats!

I have coyote and a fox. THe trick is to out fox them. My birds free range now with fencing thru the woods to keep the coyotes on their trail and hunting wild food. If just made getting my birds harder with the 3-4 foot fencing. THey would rather have easy prey than difficult.

Hope you enjoy your pretty little chicks! Nice selection you've chosen.
I think you will have a lovely group.

MUST post pics when you get them.
I ordered for the first time ever from a hatchery this year.
I have to wait til the middle of May for mine.

Kinda scarey to think of the little bitty babies being in the mail.

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