Eek! Not liking this new neighbor.


11 Years
Apr 11, 2011
New York
Coop was wide open (I was taking pictures cause I'm a proud mama hen
) when all the girls went still and started angry clucking. I look up and sure enough I found this new neighbor on top of my garage.

Aside from keeping the run covered and the doors closed any othe way to deter it?

neighbor by StonesChickens, on Flickr
My Amish friend, who is our resident chicken expert
strings old cds across the top of her run and around the area. They flash in the sunlight and move with the wind. She doesn't even cover her run. Might try it. I hate hawks
loud sounds gun shot, fire cracker... got rid of the one who got ahold of mine shot toward it (not at it) and it left never came back.
Try to lure bluejays into your yard. (They love unsalted peanuts in the shell.) They will warn you (and your birds) when a hawk is in the area and even chase them away. You will have to feed them every day to keep them around.
I saw something on here that I really liked....SSS or shoot, shovel and shut up!! So many laws that are different for each state. It's hard to figure out what you can or can not do. I'm not saying you should shoot it, I'm just saying that when making your decision, you might want to remember the SSS motto. We bought fruit tree netting. We lost 3 chickens to a hawk before we purchased. Since placing the netting, we haven't lost any chickens to hawks, so we haven't had to go the SSS route.

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