EE's 34 weeks old--FINALLY got first GREEN egg! (Pic)

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by msgenie516, Nov 21, 2009.

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    May 16, 2008
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    I was ready to give up! I have 8 pullets of various breeds (3 BR’s, 3 EE’s, and 2 SLW’s) that were 34 weeks and one day old yesterday (Friday, November 20) and until now, I believe only three were laying (probably the BR’s, as they were the only ones that I ever saw interested in the nests). Then, earlier this week, I got another new brown egg that I am (hopefully) crediting to one of the SLW’s, as I did see one of them investigating a nest. I really hope it isn’t from one of my EE’s!

    But, yesterday, I went out to collect the eggs and I found a beautiful medium seafoam green pullet egg! It was a LONG wait, but so worth it to find that gorgeous egg--I didn’t think it was possible to get so excited about an egg! I immediately called DH to tell him I found it. I couldn’t believe how I was raving about this egg--”It’s a gorgeous color, a great size for a first egg (1.8 oz.)”, and so on. And today, I found ANOTHER--the same color (so I THINK it’s the same pullet that laid it) but a little larger, weighing 2 oz. Geez…that seems awfully fast, going from a medium to a large egg overnight--is this possible? I think it has to be because I don’t think a first pullet egg could be a size large--but, who knows?

    Okay, I have to admit that I added some light to the coop about two weeks ago. My egg count was going down drastically (so bad that I was worried that I would have to actually BUY those awful grocery store eggs--not too many people sell “farm fresh” eggs around here) and I was also worried that the remainder of my 8 pullets wouldn’t lay until the spring. I don’t think I could have waited that long to see what color the EE’s were going to lay!

    By the way, the lighting sure did the trick--now I have more eggs than I can use--but I need extras anyway, to keep my very patient neighbors happy. Unfortunately, I live in a neighborhood where the number of chickens you can have is limited and I think I have too many. So, yes, I need to keep the neighbors happy!

    I do consider myself lucky even if it turns out that only one will lay a green or blue egg, as I have read accounts where folks purchased EE chicks and NONE of them laid anything but brown, ivory, or even white eggs. But I am hopeful that I may get nice colored eggs from another EE pullet as they were all from the same “batch”, if that makes any difference.

    Here is a picture of my “special” egg! It is the one on the right. I added the one on the left to the picture (from one of my mature EE hens) for size and color comparison. The egg from the older hen weighs 2.4 oz. as compared to the pullet egg at 1.8 oz., but the color isn’t nearly as nice--it’s so light it almost looks white in some lighting. There I go again, carrying on about the color of my new egg!


    Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings! [​IMG] Genie

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    I think you may have two different birds laying there..... [​IMG]
  3. msgenie516

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    pips&peeps :

    I think you may have two different birds laying there..... [​IMG]

    I hope you're right! Thanks for the encouragement! [​IMG]
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    How nice! there is HOPE! I have a 33 week old EE and no eggs yet [​IMG]
    Maybe next week??!!! [​IMG]
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    First eggs are so exciting, especially when they are pretty [​IMG]

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    Jun 29, 2009
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Nice! Congrats!
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    [​IMG] Congrats! Very pretty eggs!! Did you give the girls extra treats?!![​IMG]
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    Yea!!! Good on your girls!

  10. Yeah, you have a new layer there w/the green egg:) Congratulations!! I have 3 EE's. The first layed at 21 weeks a light cream egg. They next girl layed around 26 weeks an olive green egg, and the 3rd started at 28 weeks with a bluer/olive green egg. Yeah:D[​IMG]

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