EEs-Auracauna-Americauna... all the same thing?

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    EEs-Auracauna-Americauna... all the same thing? any other names they are called?
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    Araucana and Ameraucana are Breeds. EE's are also called Easter Eggers (EE) and they are a mix or that is my understanding of EEs that are sold. Others will chime in.
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    Hello there!

    That's a good question! Ameraucana is a breed that lays a pale blue egg. They are just lovely. If you really want to see what a true Ameraucana looks like, check out the Ameraucana Breeders's Club. They have TONS of pics of every color. Just google it. Ameraucanas have very think hackle feathers, and they have muffs and a beard. They are lovely.

    Then there's the Araucana, which also lays a pale blue egg, and it's quite different. There are various colors, and breeders are always trying for the perfect specimen, which is tufted and rumpless. They're really neat looking birds. Difficult to breed to the standard, because there is a fatal genetic combination.....I won't get into that though.

    Then EEs, are Easter Eggers, and they are truly a mutt, but they usually have some Ameraucana in there somewhere, and they often lay an olive green colored egg, or a pale, sea foam green egg, and some even lay the pale blue egg. EEs are not a breed recognized by the APA, like the other two. Hatcheries that list Ameraucana or Araucana, are usually truly selling the EEs.

    EEs by the way, are really beautiful too, just like their pure bred relatives!

    Hope this helps!
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    Tuffoldhen is correct.. Araucana and Ameraucana are two distinct breeds that were used to breed with other breeds to create an EE. Araucana and Ameraucana lay blue eggs. An EE can lay blue, green and even brown and beige colored eggs.
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    Quote:^^^ This is exactly what I was wondering^^^ How can I be sure I'm getting an Ameraucana (did I finally get the spelling right?)? [​IMG]
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    mmaddie's mom :

    Quote:^^^ This is exactly what I was wondering^^^ How can I be sure I'm getting an Ameraucana (did I finally get the spelling right?)? [​IMG]

    Yes, that spelling is correct. You can get pure breds through the ABC (mentioned above), also there are a couple of breeders here at BYC. I know I've heard great things about Pips and Peeps' birds. She is super involved in the ABC too and can answer any question you have on Ameraucanas. I got mine from John Blehm, the president of the ABC, but next season I want to get some of hers.

    Oh just to clarify, sometimes EEs can be a cross between 2 varieties of Ameraucanas (not usually the case with hatchery birds though). Any cross that produces an unaccepted variety according to ameraucana standards would also be an EE. I'm sure this would be true of araucanas too. No you cannot get pure-bred Ameraucanas from a hatchery and the EEs you get from a hatchery can lay anything from white, brown, pink, green to blue. I have EEs from a hatchery too and I have yet to get a green egg from any of them. [​IMG]

    Course once my Ameraucana roo grows up I can breed him to my EEs and then I will hopefully finally get some green egg layers. [​IMG]
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