EE's giving tan..and now one giving green/blue egg!

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    I have a very mixed flock, but was looking forward to the blue/green eggs from my 3 EE's. So I was a little disappointed when my first EE gave me tan eggs, but still happy to have delicious eggs from her:)! But today I found in the next box 4 eggs(why do they always lay in one and leave the other empty?!?) of them blue/green![​IMG] I just love the looks of my young girls eggs. (I would have had a full dozen in here, but my 15 year old son loves to make egg sandwiches from the girls offerings:) Here's a peek at today gifts.
    Doesn't the blue/green egg look like the dark spot is caused by sitting too long in an egg dye?[​IMG]


    Have a great day!!
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    That's a very pretty assortment of eggs!


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