EE's, Houdan, and Blue Polish Eggs-GA

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    I have 3 EE eggs, 2 blue/splash Polish and 2 houdan eggs. $16 including shipping. The last 6 eggs that I have hatched from the Polish pair have all been blue, though you could, of course, get blue or splash.
    In the EE pen are two blue roos and a red roo with assorted hen colors.
    Houdan are and old French breed once prized for their meat. They have crests, muffs, beards and 5 toes.

    All these birds are standards. I have just recently hatched from each of these breeds and had really good fertility with them all. I have so many blue Polish hatch that we built a new pen. It is possible that I will have another blue Polish egg to add to these tomorrow but we will just have to wait and see.

    My eggs are carefully wrapped in bubblewrap packages and the boxes tightly stuffed with newspaper or other packaging material. I expect immediate payment. I take very good care of my birds and these eggs are definately fresh and fertile when I send them, however, I am not responsible for postal mishandling or poor hatches due to improper incubation. I have had several reports of good hatches and I hope yours will be a good one too . Please understand, hatching shipped eggs is risky and YOU are the one taking the risk! I do not send refunds or replacements.

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