EE's Sex Links Mixes Frizzle Cochins and adorable Fuzzy Butts!


10 Years
Jun 30, 2009
Lebanon TN
These cuties are needing a home to call home! Not everything is pictured..that would take all day trying to make them stay put for picture day!
Please don't bid as we have so many for sale...PM me with what you need for your chick collection.NO I won't ship PICK up only! Several EE chicks from green egg Momma and green egg daddy roo.Puffy cheeks to spare.Lots of colors from chipmunk versions to more spotted,solid tan,yellow and black.All hatched this past week.$2.50 each

EE crosses..Barred Plymouth Rock and RIR mommas and the same great green egg daddy roos. May or may not lay the great green egg but will be some real good layers.Hatched 2/1 and 2/11 Lots of color $2.50 each straight run

Designer Clucks these are from my layer pen which has a wide variety of breeds and mixes that lay large or xl eggs daily living with several roos White Rock,Black Australorp,Black Minorca and White Leghorn.
Some hatched 2/1 and 2/11 lots of buff chicks and white with black.Hatch this week white with black and black-1 or 2 look like little BA chicks so grab them before I know for sure-we have several BA hens in the pen.Selling straight run only but the older chicks I can see some roos coming out...but can't tell you for sure if there is any late blooming roos still hiding $1.00 each

Sex Links Black hatched 2/1 and 2/11 (RIR with BR hens) 1 hen hatched 2/1 rest are little roos.4 Red pullets hatched 2/11 (RIR and RIW) $1.00 roo $2.50 pullets Bad picture but they won't listen!

Silver Spangled Hamburgs-these are cute little things! $2.50 straight run only have 4

Bantam Cochins-Hatched 2/1 only selling a few.Red frizzle and smooth.May also sell a few of the other non B/B/S but have to keep at least one buff by daughters orders!$2.00 each

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